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treb cleff



Treb Cleff rides for the band.

The 1st Annual Ride for the Band is now history. Fifteen (15) individuals rode for the band on Sunday, May 19,2013 along with 2452 others who registered to ride the Santa Fe Century. It was a bit tough to ride because of changing weather: strong winds at times, chilly and warm, clear and cloudy, and a bit of rain for just a moment. The complicated weather conditions were pretty much like the event itself which had many components: the ride (25, 50, or 100 miles), a raffle, music, a silent auction, and a bike art contest.

Joseph E. Newman won the Bike Art Contest with his submission reproduced below. Joe stated that “Southwestern petroglyphs are open to a wide range of interpretations. References to modern images may be coincidental or not.”

Peloton Rock – Giclee: Archival ink on canvas, 8” x 10” by Joseph E. Newman.

The Silent Auction included 9 bicycles of which three were sold; 13 Joe Hoover framed photos of which five were sold; and 5 of 8 pieces of bike art including “Peloton Rock” were sold.

The Ride for the Band Raffle drew a lot of interest. The value of the 21 items on the Raffle totaled $1749.00 and approximately 500 raffle tickets were purchased; it seemed like the tickets were almost selling themselves because of the many and varied prizes. Many band members sold tickets and they did a great job.

Those who actually rode their bikes included eight band members and seven others including friends and family of band members. Nine other band members donated money to support the riders. Many band members volunteered their time at the venue on both Saturday before the ride and all day Sunday.

John Boles (string bass) was the first band member out on the ride early Sunday morning. The trailer was donated by “The Moving Store” 1214 Camino Carols Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505-438-4800.

L to R: David Johnson, Peg Johnson (clarinet), and Paul Pease (horn) pose just before the ride at the Ride for the Band venue in the parking lot at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.

Jack Lain, Kim Strauss and their son, Jose, were able to do the ride on bicycles donated by Dick Hogle and Paul Pease for the silent auction. While Jack and Kim were preparing to transport their own bikes to the venue with a new bike rack on their car, the bicycles were somehow damaged and rendered unrideable. All three were really disappointed that they weren’t going to be able to ride: they trained and they raised significant donations for their ride. Since the silent auction included 9 bicycles there were replacement bikes for them to use. Jack rode the Mirada sport donated by Hogle with Jose on a tag-along, thanks to the help of REI folks with the attachment, and Kim rode the 1972 10-speed Raleigh donated by Pease. That is real success in itself. Beyond the success to get these guys on their way, many band members worked hard the day before the ride and the day of the ride in various ways, several band members were generous donors and it all helped to make the 1st Annual Ride for the Band a huge success both financially and as a fun and healthy event: good for the band, good for Santa Fe, and good for the fitness of the riders.

Jose and Jack Lain (baritone) are off on the “ride”. See the text about Jack’s bike. Paul Kennedy (percussion) stands in the shade of the tent.

Music on Saturday afternoon during rider registration was provided by the Santa Fe Brass including Vic Perry and Rose Sanchez, trumpets; Paul Pease, horn; Bill Britton, trombone and Jeremy Grant, tuba. Paul Pease pedaled and played on an exercise bike Sunday morning.

Paul Pease (horn) the “Phitness Horn Player” serenades two couples who are about to start the ride on tandem bicycles Sunday morning. The song was Daisy Bell and the four cyclists, one rushing to catch up, were singing along. . . “You’d look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.”

The Raffle Drawing: Under the watchful eye of the raven, left to right, Board Members Nancy Scheer, Treasurer, and Paul Pease, President keep track of the data for the Ride Raffle as Phil Lahargoue from the Hospital Security staff draws the tickets.

spin doc
SpinDoc was one of the bike shops that donated to the band for the 1st RFTB and responded to a request to write a piece about what makes them unique.

SpinDoc, a small family-owned bike shop and indoor cycling studio, has carved out a unique niche in the Santa Fe bike market. With the attached indoor cycling studio, and the fact that classes are geared towards cyclists, many client who haven't ridden a bike in years (or ever) transition from riding indoors to riding a bike. They have gained some fitness and skills indoors, making the initial rides back on a bike more fun. The bike shop itself is very customer-oriented; the shop has three criteria for pairing a rider up with the perfect bike. Fit, fit and fit. The first fit is application; sometimes a rider knows where and what they want to ride, but -- especially true of those returning to the bike after a long hiatus -- often times they really don't. We talk with them, send them out on a bike, and really help them determine what their goals are. The second fit is physical fit: measuring the rider is part of every bike sale, ensuring that we put the customer on the right sized frame. The third fit is emotional -- we want the customer to simply dream of their bike, and to look forward to each and every ride like it's their first. In addition, SpinDoc has become the go-to bike shop for women, whether riding the road or the trails. With one of the owners being a woman, there is a unique ability to connect with female customers that isn't always possible at other, predominantly male-staffed shops. SpinDoc puts the customer first, regardless of what or how they ride; the weekend warrior, the commuter, the path cruiser, the serious racer: all are treated with respect and consideration from the moment they walk in the door.

Chandler Rhinehart            chandler@spindoc.com                     www.spindoc.com
628 Old Las Vegas Highway
Santa Fe, NM  87505                         (505) 466-4181

The Santa Fe Concert Band looks forward to May 18, 2014 for the 2nd Annual Ride for the Band and support from the bike shops in town.


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